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Are You In Search Of A Reliable Company For Background Screening? Look No Further!

NVS (National Validation Services) is a specialized provider of pre-employment and background screening solutions tailored to meet the needs of organizations seeking to validate critical information about potential hires or business partners.

Selecting NVS for your background screening requirements offers your organization the advantage of informed decision-making concerning the credibility and suitability of preferred candidates, while also streamlining the recruitment process by minimizing the investment of time in assessing individuals who fail to meet your hiring criteria.

Reasons to Opt for NVS:

  1. Seamless Accessibility: NVS offers instant and round-the-clock access, enabling swift and convenient submission of background screening requests.

  2. Effortless Review Process: With NVS, you can promptly access and review comprehensive background screening reports, ensuring a smooth and efficient evaluation of candidate profiles.

  3. Accurate and User-Friendly Reports: NVS delivers meticulously crafted reports, ensuring accuracy and presenting information in a clear and user-friendly format for easy comprehension.

By entrusting your background screening needs to NVS, your organization can confidently make well-informed decisions and maintain a heightened level of efficiency and integrity in the hiring process.

Service Offerings

Unlock a world of reliable and cutting-edge vetting solutions, backed by two decades of extensive HR experience and unmatched expertise in comprehensive vetting processes

Pre-Employment Screening

By implementing a comprehensive pre-employment screening process and conducting thorough background checks, your organization can make more informed hiring decisions, significantly reducing the likelihood of incurring unnecessary expenses and mitigating potential risks associated with hiring unsuitable candidates. Such a strategic approach contributes to fostering a stronger and more reliable team, ultimately elevating the overall performance and success of your business.

However, it is crucial to ensure that your screening practices are fully aligned with legal requirements to avoid any potential legal complications. This includes obtaining explicit consent from candidates, safeguarding the confidentiality of sensitive information, and refraining from engaging in any discriminatory practices during the screening process.

It is essential to bear in mind that the primary objective of pre-employment screening is to thoroughly assess the qualifications, background, and suitability of candidates for specific positions while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and legality in the hiring process.

By partnering with NVS, you can rest assured that you are working with a trusted and experienced ally dedicated to helping you build a workforce of excellence, ensuring your organization’s sustained growth and success